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Welcome to NSW Koala Country

Welcome to NSW Koala Country

What is NSW Koala Country?

NSW Koala Country is the official website dedicated to encouraging, supporting and celebrating the conservation of koalas and their habitat across New South Wales.

Gain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal connections to koalas, be inspired by the stories of dedicated individuals and organisations working to protect koalas, and learn more about what the NSW Government is doing to help.

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NSW Koala Strategy

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Koala habitat conservation

Koala tree planting with WWF Australia


Supporting communities to conserve koalas

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Improving the safety and health of koalas

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Building our knowledge

Koalas & Aboriginal culture

Explore the many different aspects of the relationship between Aboriginal people and koalas, and learn how traditional ecological knowledge is being applied to the conservation of koalas and their habitat across New South Wales.
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Great Koala National Park

The NSW Government has committed to creating a Great Koala National Park on the mid north coast between Kempsey and Coffs Harbour. The 2023–24 State Budget committed $80 million in funding over 4 years to support the development of the park.

Great Koala National Park