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Koala Country

Koalas and Aboriginal culture

Explore the many different aspects of the relationship between Aboriginal people and koalas, and learn how traditional ecological knowledge is being applied to the conservation of koalas and their habitat across New South Wales.

Traditional ecological knowledge

Aboriginal knowledge of the land and its management is based on deep spiritual connections with Country. This cultural knowledge, often referred to as traditional ecological knowledge, plays an important role in effective koala conservation and management. 

Cultural connections

Many Aboriginal cultures have a strong connection to koalas and their habitat. Koalas are totems of Aboriginal clans, family groups or individuals in New South Wales, and stories of the koala are deeply woven into many different Aboriginal songlines and Dreaming stories.

Projects with Aboriginal partners

Aboriginal communities have a strong role to play in ensuring the long-term health of koalas and their habitat. Partnerships with Aboriginal communities are helping to deliver coordinated on-ground actions informed by community expertise.
Aboriginal girl holding gum leaves