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New practical training videos for koala rehabilitators

10 Nov 2022
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The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) is proud to launch a suite of new koala training videos for wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary professionals in NSW, funded under pillar 3 ($23 million to improve koala safety and health) of the NSW Koala Strategy.

Eleven short videos have been developed in partnership with Koala Conservation Australia and Versatile Vet to demonstrate practical techniques for koala rescue and rehabilitation.

The new videos, along with a range of other resources developed by DPE, are intended to support the wildlife rehabilitation sector in providing a high standard of care for the more than 1,000 koalas rescued and rehabilitated by the sector each year.

The videos cover a broad range of skills and are intended to enhance and complement existing wildlife rehabilitation training. They demonstrate how to apply key standards in the Koala Code of practice and promote best practice in providing care for sick and injured koalas in NSW.

Additional resources for wildlife rehabilitators can be found here, including the Koala Code of Practice, Training Standards for wildlife rehabilitators in NSW and Initial Treatment and Care Guidelines for Rescued Koalas. These resources promote consistent standards for wildlife rehabilitation across NSW.

Wildlife rehabilitators can explore the videos below or here.

Estimating age based on tooth wear in the koala


Transporting a koala


Setting up a temporary intensive care enclosure


Morphometrics in a koala


Microchipping a koala


Handling and restraint of a koala


Ear-tagging a koala


Koala capture demonstration


Weighing and body condition scoring koalas


Assessing faecal quality and quantity in the koala


Administering oral medication in the koala