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BioBanking Agreements and credits


Existing BioBanking Agreements

Existing BioBanking Agreements remain in place and are managed under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (NSW) as Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements. The Biodiversity Conservation Trust is responsible for the ongoing management of these agreements, including: 

  • administration of annual reports
  • annual payments.

Questions about existing BioBanking Agreements should be directed to the Biodiversity Conservation Trust: [email protected].

Unsold BioBanking credits  

Unsold credits generated through a BioBanking agreement established under the previous scheme, remain valid. You may continue to transfer and retire BioBanking credits where relevant or apply for reasonable equivalence under the current Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.  

Transferring and retiring BioBanking credits

To transfer or retire your BioBanking credits, please complete and submit an application form and pay the appropriate fee. See How to transfer or retire BioBanking credits.

Find the relevant fees to transfer or retire Biobanking credits in Scheme fees.

For more information about BioBanking credit holdings, transactions, price history and retirements, visit the BioBanking Public Registers.