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Biodiversity Credits Catalogue

The Biodiversity Credits Catalogue displays biodiversity credits for sale and connects buyers and sellers in the NSW biodiversity market.


About the catalogue

The Biodiversity Credits Catalogue provides credits owners with a cost-free and easy way to advertise their available biodiversity credits and connect with potential buyers. It complements other sale methods like public registers and reverse auctions through the Credits Supply Fund.

Buyers of biodiversity credits can use the catalogue to browse a variety of species and ecosystem credit listings and directly contact participating sellers.

The catalogue provides information on contacting credit owners, searching for specific credits, understanding credit listing pages and advertising within the catalogue.

Additionally, the catalogue features landholder stories that showcase the positive outcomes from Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement sites where credits are generated.

The Biodiversity Credits Catalogue is updated and published every 3-4 months.

Issue #3   March 2024

The most recent version of the Biodiversity Credits Catalogue is available for download.



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Advertise your available credits in the Biodiversity Credits Catalogue

Are you interested in advertising your available credits in the next edition of the Biodiversity Credits Catalogue? The catalogue provides credit owners with an easy and cost-free way to advertise their credits.

Access the online advertisers form and submit your credit information here.

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