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Biodiversity Credits Demand and Supply Dashboard


This dashboard compares the biodiversity credit demand from approved major projects to biodiversity credit supply from the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme public registers.

The Biodiversity Credits Demand and Supply Dashboard (the dashboard) is an interactive tool that allows users to search for information on different biodiversity credit types that are likely to be in demand or currently in supply in one location.

The dashboard includes ecosystem and species biodiversity credit types currently in the market and accounts for credit retirements. The dashboard only contains information about biodiversity credits assessed under the Biodiversity Assessment Method. Information on credits assessed under the former Biodiversity Banking Assessment Methodology is not included.

Biodiversity Credits Demand and Supply Dashboard

The dashboard includes search and filter functions to tailor the information to your preferences and needs. For example, you can filter information based on Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia (IBRA) subregion, offset trading groups or species name. Knowledge of the offset rules is essential for interpreting the information.

For more information about the biodiversity credit market, and other supply, demand and pricing information sources, visit the Summary tables of biodiversity credit market information.

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