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4,500 hectares of koala habitat near Port Macquarie now protected

27 May 2023
Koala habitat

4,500 hectares of bushland containing koala-preferred habitat near Port Macquarie will be protected forever following its purchase by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

The property, located west of Port Macquarie and within the traditional lands of the Birpai nation, occupies a critical position between 4 existing NPWS reserves and between 2 known koala populations at Comboyne and South Kempsey.

The property is already home to between 30 and 60 koalas.

The land also provides suitable habitat for at least 45 threatened species, including the endangered Hasting River mouse and the spotted-tailed quoll, hollow-dependent species such as the greater glider, and a range of birds including the glossy black cockatoo and wompoo fruit-dove.

Connecting these reserves will safeguard the health and resilience of the habitat and secure safe corridors for koalas to move through the landscape.

The acquisition will also enhance protection for declared wilderness areas that abut the property, which form part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. The Mid North Coast is home to 2 of the 10 stronghold koala populations in New South Wales.

Acquisition of the property was funded under the NSW Koala Strategy.


A koala in a tree