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Koala Smart school education program

Koala Smart is a multi-faceted web-based program designed to equip teachers with classroom-ready tools and resources for educating students about koala conservation. The program fosters students’ understanding and appreciation of koalas and the natural environment. 

Koala Smart is a free, project-based learning program for primary and secondary schools which encourages teachers and students to utilise a variety of disciplines to approach a current environmental problem. Koala Smart provides support to classrooms developing conservation initiatives (student projects) that can be applied in their own communities.

Koala Smart is clearly mapped to NSW curriculum outcomes and provides:

  • lesson plans
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • worksheets and activities
  • virtual field excursions
  • support scheduling guest speakers and excursions.

The students involved in this program are our future leaders and Koala Smart may be their first introduction to the world of conservation. By investing in education, children can become empowered to take actions that promote positive change and contribute to a positive future for koalas.

Originally founded by the Tacking Point Lions Club, Koala Smart is supported by the NSW Koala Strategy to ensure content remains factual and up to date to help take classroom concepts into the real world.

For more information head to the Koala Smart website. The website also contains the link for NSW educators to register their interest in the program. 


Port Macquarie Nature School students learn about koala scat identification

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