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Accredited assessor quality assurance


Controls and treatments are in place to ensure that the assessments conducted, and reports prepared, by accredited assessors are of high quality and adhere to established standards. These controls and available support include:

  • accreditation criteria, including ecological experience and a fit and proper person test
  • an assessor code of conduct
  • continuing professional development requirements
  • training programs
  • webinars and newsletters
  • the availability of a helpdesk by phone and email
  • review by government decision makers
  • audits
  • a complaints process
  • formal compliance investigations under Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Decision makers, including local and state government, are responsible for reviewing Biodiversity Assessment Reports from accredited assessors and have the final say on whether to accept them.

For example, the NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water reviews Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Reports prepared by an assessor for a stewardship site to create biodiversity credits. As part of the review the department may request further information or changes, until it is satisfied that the report complies with the Biodiversity Assessment Method.

This is the same for Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports submitted to local government for local developments, and Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports submitted to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure for major projects.