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Biodiversity Offsets Scheme maps


Biodiversity Values Map and Threshold Tool

The Biodiversity Values Map is an essential part of the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme. Learn about its role and how to use the map and threshold tool for your development application.

Biodiversity Values Map and Threshold Tool

Biodiversity stewardship agreements map

This interactive map viewer shows the location of sites approved by 30 September 2023, including biodiversity stewardship agreements under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Biobanking Agreements approved under the former Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

You can search for agreements and view the ecosystems and species being conserved under each biodiversity stewardship agreement and the management actions undertaken.

If you need help accessing information in the viewer, email [email protected]

View the biodiversity stewardship agreements map

In-demand Credits Map

To check if your property is located within an area with significant current or upcoming demand for biodiversity credits, use the In-demand Credits Map to search for your address.

In-demand Credits Map

Credits Near Me NSW app

Credits Near Me NSW is a mobile and web-based application that allows users to spatially identify the types of biodiversity credits in potential supply and demand across New South Wales at a regional scale. It provides a quick and easy way for: 

  • landholders to discover the potential credit types on their land and if they are in demand
  • developers to understand where credit obligations could be met. 

Users can search by their location, street address or lot, and deposited plan (DP). The application requires internet connectivity. Developers can also search for potential like-for-like offset locations by plant community type or offset trading group.

Credits Near Me NSW

Native Vegetation Regulatory map

The Native Vegetation Regulatory map of New South Wales is a tool that landholders can use when considering how best to manage native vegetation on their land. It designates areas of land where clearing native vegetation is categorised as regulated or exempt. 

A staged release of the draft Native Vegetation Regulatory map is underway.

Draft Native Vegetation Regulatory map

Read how the Native Vegetation Regulatory map relates to the Biodiversity Values Map.

Accredited assessors can find information and a guide on native vegetation land categorisation for application in the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme by visiting Native Vegetation Regulatory map land categorisation and the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.