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Community spotlight: Jim Kinkead | Tregeagle Landcare Group

06 Mar 2020
Community & partnerships

Jim has been President of the Tregeagle Landcare Group since its creation in 2008. Tregeagle is a small rural community located on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, approximately 15 km north-east of Lismore.


Jim Kinkead, President of Tregeagle Landcare Group, stands in a bush setting.

We have planted over 1,000 trees, regenerated and restored habitat and riparian areas over 10 hectares and contributed hundreds of volunteer hours.

'I have been a member and president of Tregeagle Landcare Group since 2008. We are working together to improve our natural environment, promote biodiversity in our landscapes and ensure that our agricultural systems are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

We are a group of like-minded people from a diverse rural community located in a prime koala habitat area. Land uses include macadamia farms, cattle farms, lifestyle and bush blocks. We care about our land and share knowledge, resources and work together to achieve more on the ground.


President of Tregeagle Landcare Group at Lismore KPOM launch

Members of our group maintain and improve existing prime koala habitat, establish and promote koala corridors. We have received several grants for koala habitat restoration and regeneration, and developed positive relationships with Friends of Koala, Lismore City Council and local environmental organisations.

We care about our land and share knowledge, resources and work together to achieve more on the ground.

Members of the Green Army of Tregeagle Landcare Group


There have been many wild dog issues in our area, and we have noticed a decline in koala activity. That’s why we currently support a research project being carried out by Local Land Services, University of New England, NSW Government and Friends of the Koala. The study looks at the interactions between wild dogs and koalas within the Lismore area.

Six of our members are participating in the project by allowing access to their properties. We are keen to find out why this is occurring and assist in gathering any information that will help with the conservation of our koalas. We are proud to have a young male koala named 'Connor' being tracked as part of this project.'

Education is key, that’s why we mentor the Junior Landcare group at our local school.