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Biodiversity credits market

Understanding the biodiversity credits market


In this section

The Biodiversity Offsets Scheme has established a market for biodiversity credits that allows people to create, buy and sell biodiversity credits. 

Summary of resources to help landholders and developers understand whether there is demand for and supply of credits, and how to price credits. 

The Biodiversity Credits Demand and Supply Dashboard compares credit demand from approved major projects and supply from the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme public registers. 

Find buyers and sellers of biodiversity credits through the public registers, credit catalogue, or a government agency.

The price of biodiversity credits is negotiated between buyers and sellers. Market information and cost data can help estimate reasonable credit prices.  

The department maintains information about supply, demand and pricing, including public registers, guides and dashboards.

How to transfer or retire biodiversity credits, including the required legal authority, application submission details and processing times. 

The department guideline for how key agencies manage and disclose information they generate that may affect the price of biodiversity credits 

The Biodiversity Offsets Scheme replaced the BioBanking Scheme. Transitional arrangements remain in place for credits and credit obligations.