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Sales Dashboard definitions


What does 'weighted price average' mean?

The weighted price average is displayed in the 'Market Price per credit' box on the market overview page (page 2). It is calculated by adding up the total value of each transaction and dividing it by the total number of credits traded for the selected criteria. In simple terms, it is the average price of the selected credits. The average price is based on historical prices and may not be an accurate estimate of future prices. For more detailed information on individual trades, please see the BOS transactions register.

What does ‘Number of sales’ refer to?

The number of sales refers to the number of transactions that have occurred within selected criteria. A sale occurs where any number of biodiversity credits are exchanged from one party to another for a price (or some other consideration).

What does ‘Number of credits transferred’ refer to?

In Biodiversity Credits Market Sales Dashboard (the Sales Dashboard), the number of credits transferred refers to the total number of biodiversity credits exchanged in all transactions/sales that have occurred under the selected criteria.

What are Offset Trading Groups and how do they work for trading purposes?

An Offset Trading Group (OTG) is a class of credits that must be retired in accordance with the like-for-like offset rules to satisfy ‘an ecosystem credit obligation.

OTGs are established in section 10.2 of the BAM, which sets out how biodiversity credits sharing similar biodiversity values form a class of credits which can be used to satisfy like-for-like credit obligations.

Where like-for-like credits are not available, credit obligations can be acquitted under the ‘variation rules’ set out in clause 6.4 of the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017. More information about the variation rules can be found at Offsets rules.

Threatened ecological communities (TEC) ecosystem credits are OTGs in themselves, so the OTG has the same name as the TEC. While some Plant Community Types (PCTs) are associated with more than one TEC OTG, once a TEC ecosystem credit is created, the PCT is assigned to a single TEC OTG. A TEC OTG can only trade with the same TEC OTG.

Non-TEC credit PCTs are assigned to a single OTG which trades in the market under the assigned OTG. This data is represented in the Sales Dashboard.

More information

For technical guidance on how to use the dashboard, please refer to the Biodiversity Credits Market Sales Dashboard: User Guide. The User Guide explains how to navigate through the dashboard and use specific functions.

If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected] for BOS questions or [email protected] for technical questions on the Sales Dashboard.